Frequently Asked Questions

What are the estimated shipping times?
It varies from item to item - some stuff is made to order, while other items are sent out the following day. We tell customers to plan for 10-14 days for items to arrive and sometimes 21 days if you are international.

I only got one of my items in the mail today, but I ordered more stuff?
Items are shipped from different locations. Its likely your other items are on the way they were just sent in different packages.

Why is shipping so expensive for international orders?
Shipping over seas often is far more expensive than domestic. If your shipping charge is astronomically high or out of the ordinary it could be an error. Please reach out to the support team if you think there is a mistake and we can fix it for you.

I ordered the wrong size by mistake, do you except exchanges or returns?
Our return policy is linked at the bottom of each page. We do not except returns for items that are ordered by mistake. Because most items are made to order, we do not stock inventory. We do except returns for lost items and items that show up damaged. Although we will do our best to make sure Camarata customers are happy. If you have an issue please reach out to the support team via the Contact page.

How do I cancel my order?
Reach out to the support team via the contact us page. We can cancel some orders if they are canceled before put into production.

Does Andrew live at the castle?
Yes and no. Not full time, but he does stay there sometimes when working late on projects or its convenient.